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Loket Groene Transitie

English Summary

Mirror of this time

Ebbe offers reflections from a striking personal and varied life in all kinds of renewal movements. He pleads for independent and uncensored expression in a time of more and more coloured information. He believes. a free space for naming problems is essential for good policy of public administration. That is an urgent issue for a broad cooperation, in creating a more sustainable society.


Ebbe Rost van Tonningen has done more than thirty missions interim-board work for organizations in problems, for reorganisations and for mergers. He is specialized in strategic plans. He believes in ‘ small is beautiful ‘. After his school days he was an officer in the Dutch army. He experienced as an interim Director, consultant and trainer/coach in many different industries in profit and nonprofit. He made business plans for small and medium-sized enterprises in foreign countries, like Ukrain, Romania, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. He was teacher of economics and management in graduation classes. In his hometown De Bilt, he worked as a municipal councilor and alderman until mid-2018.

CV and references

He gives an overview of his life from his school time in his curriculum vitae. He was studying economics and sociology at the University of Rotterdam in international political relations. He is specialist in transitions and strategic plans.

One of his most successful missions arose when he was Managing Director of an institute for forestry and nature research in Wageningen in 1998. He held a speech for a speakers match of Ernst & Young and won the first prize of the professional jury.

Publications and lectures

He plans to publish a book in 2020 on the role of public administration in a transition to a sustainable society. In the past, he released several publications for example ‘prosumptie in local perspective’ and in professional literature on transitions. And he gives various lectures.

In 2012, he published his book ‘In no man’s land, the father lost, the mother disowned ‘. He was born in August 1943 in Deventer in the Netherlands. He describes in his book how it was growing up in a family of well-known National Socialist parents between two opposing worlds. A topical issue: living in a multiple cultural society. His expertise in this subject passed unnoticed in the Netherlands.

Own strength

Ebbe Rost van Tonningen believes that he could develop from his childhood his own power. But he notes that in Netherlands the attention was more directed to man’s problems for a long period than interested in man’s own strength.

Rost van Tonningen has a hobby in making music on his accordion, ‘from blues to tango, from improvisation to creation’ and produced his own drawings and videos for his work.

He likes to get older, just by continuing to work because he “is finding pleasure in his work and it keeps him fit”. And he feels responsibility for a more sustainable world for future generations.

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